Terms and Conditions

These plans are true insurance plans, not discount plans, and as such are subject to the rules and regulations of the insurance companies offering the coverage, the Commissioners of the Insurance Departments of the State wherein the insured lives, and the Commissioner of the New York State Insurance Department. Also, applicant/insured specifically agrees that they are enrolling for a period of not less than twelve (12) months. If applicant/insured wants to cancel prior to a one year term, then he or she may do so only if applicant/insured has not had treatment and/or an office visit wherein he/she took advantage of the plan’s discounts. The insured must pay the agreed upon amount for the remaining months of the twelve month term if contract is cancelled prior to a full twelve month term. The applicant/insured also agrees that any and all disputes will be resolved/adjudicated under the laws of the State of New York.

We value your privacy. Your information will not be sold, shared or otherwise disseminated to any other individuals, agencies, entities or businesses without your prior written approval allowing us to do so. Only Tri-State Union Benefits, Corp., the dental insurance company and the vision insurance company will have access to your information so that we/they can provide coverage protection for you and/or your family. Please contact us here regarding our privacy policy.