How much does the Cigna Dental and VSP Vision plan cost?

Member Only $30 per month
Member Plus One $50 per month
Member Plus Family $75 per month

When do my benefits start?
Sign up by the 15th of the month to ensure coverage at the beginning of next month. For example, if you enroll by July 15th, you will have vision and dental coverage starting on August 1st. If you enroll on July 20th, your coverage will not begin until September 1

Where do I find a Primary Care Dentist (PCD)?
Choose the CIGNA DentalCare (HMO) box to see which dentists are in your neighborhood.

Where do I find a VSP (Vision) doctor?

Are my dependents eligible?
Spouses and children under 18 are eligible. I you have questions about over-age dependents and student dependents please contact us here.

Are orthodontics covered under the Cigna Dental Plan?